Care Tips

Tana Style 16 Protective Spray is recommended for all types of leather. It protects jacket from water and staining. Follow directions on the can and reapply, lightly, every 2 months to maintain protection. Spray inside of collar and cuffs to protect leather from the oil in skin, which may darken these areas otherwise.

Regular Leather
When wet, simply wipe dry with cloth. To clean and condition leather, use Tana Gentle Cleaner according to the directions.

Naked and Nubuck Finishes
When jacket gets wet, blot excess water off then hang to dry naturally away from heat and direct sunlight. This blotting action protects the finish of the jacket. If jacket needs pressing, you can hang it in a steamy bathroom for a short amount of time. Ironing is not recommended.

Shearling Leather
Shearling lambskin is porous and does absorb and retain dirt if unprotected. We suggest that you apply a spray-on suede/leather protectant before the first use and periodically every few months if worn regularly. This creates an invisible protective covering that guards agains the elements. It will prevent the setting of dirt while maintaining the breathable nature of the skin.

All Leathers
Do not store in plastic of any kind. Instead, use a fabric garment bag in order for the leather to breathe. Always hang jacket on a well-formed hanger to maintain shape in the shoulder area. Dry cleaning is not recommended as the chemicals could affect the leather or the colour. If dry cleaning becomes necessary make sure you take it to a leather specialist.

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